BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.4-stablemain/bash: upgrade to 4.2.049 fixes CVE-2014-6271Leonardo Arena2 years
2.5-stablemain/xen: security upgrade to 4.2.5 and patchesNatanael Copa23 months
2.6-stablemain/openldap: fix ber_get_next denial of service (CVE-2015-6908)Leonardo Arena12 months
2.7-stablemain/mini_httpd: security upgrade to 1.23 (CVE-2015-1548)Natanael Copa2 months
3.0-stablemain/acf-openssh: upgrade to 0.9.1Ted Trask4 months
3.1-stablemain/libbsd: security fix (CVE-2016-2090). Fixes #6096Leonardo Arena5 days
3.2-stablemain/py-django: security upgrade to 1.8.15Kaarle Ritvanen6 hours
3.3-stablemain/py-django: security upgrade to 1.8.15Kaarle Ritvanen6 hours
3.4-stablemain/wireshark: upgrade to 2.0.6Natanael Copa87 min.
mastermain/offlineimap: upgrade to 7.0.7Sören Tempel5 min.
v3.4.3aports-3.4.3.tar.bz2  Natanael Copa7 weeks
v3.4.2aports-3.4.2.tar.bz2  Natanael Copa2 months
v3.4.1aports-3.4.1.tar.bz2  Natanael Copa3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 min.main/offlineimap: upgrade to 7.0.7HEADmasterSören Tempel1-4/+4
16 min.main/mpfr3: upgrade to 3.1.5Sören Tempel1-8/+8
16 min.main/mpg123: upgrade to 1.23.8Sören Tempel1-4/+4
3 hoursmain/bind: security upgrade to 9.10.4_p3 (CVE-2016-2776)Natanael Copa1-4/+4
6 hoursmain/py-django: security upgrade to 1.8.15Kaarle Ritvanen1-4/+4
17 hoursmain/alpine-conf: dont reset http_proxy in setup-apkreposNatanael Copa2-4/+35
18 hoursmain/dhcpcd: fix chrony.conf locationNatanael Copa2-0/+17
20 hourscommunity/zram-init: update to 3.8.1Stuart Cardall1-7/+7
22 hourstesting/grub: add python as makedependsCarlo Landmeter1-1/+1
22 hourstesting/grub: add efi and bios subpkgsCarlo Landmeter1-7/+73