BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.7abuild: always fail when checksums does not matchNatanael Copa13 years
cross-buildabuild: fix dependency tracing for cross buildsTimo Teräs8 years add option to use project homepage as url=Celeste4 weeks
tt-debug-frameabuild: add option=debug_frame to keep .debug_frameTimo Teräs3 years
3.12.0commit 84e29d94f9...Natanael Copa4 months
3.11.21commit 28b97249fa...psykose7 months
3.11.20commit cbca6d4f48...psykose8 months
3.11.19commit 873a4b6654...psykose8 months
3.11.18commit 5c25099d4f...psykose8 months
3.11.17commit d451522e53...psykose8 months
3.11.16commit d51cf9c2bb...psykose8 months
3.11.15commit 53b70cef26...psykose8 months
3.11.14commit 3e5501c9fa...psykose8 months
3.11.13commit 7c85598b7f...psykose8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines add option to use project homepage as url=HEADmasterCeleste1-1/+10 fixes #10129 move _pkgreal and commentCeleste1-2/+2 fix a number of uninitialized value warningsCeleste1-2/+4 redefine builddir if not based on $_pkgrealCeleste1-5/+68 clean up read_assignments_from_fileCeleste1-8/+21 keep options and patches (copied from apkbuild-cpan)Celeste1-3/+44 keep old dependencies during recreateCeleste1-2/+36 move requires_dist parsing code to its own functionCeleste1-13/+36 keep old license, url, pkgname/desc during recreateCeleste1-5/+16 change position of replaces/provides in templateCeleste1-5/+6