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+# AlpineConf CFP for 2021
+Welcome to the GitLab repository for the AlpineConf Call for Proposals (CFP)
+for 2021.
+## When is AlpineConf 2021 occuring?
+AlpineConf 2021 is presently planned to occur online on the weekend of May 15th
+through May 16th. This gives us two days worth of content so everyone should
+be able to give a presentation who would like to.
+## How do I submit proposals?
+Open an issue with the following information:
+ * The name of the presentation
+ * How much time you would like for the presentation (25 or 50 minute slot)
+ * A brief synopsis of what the presentation will cover
+You should actively solicit feedback for your proposal! While people who have
+volunteered to help put this event on will eventually read the proposals, having
+a more solid proposal will help us determine whether we should move forward with
+There will be two submission review rounds: April 23 and April 30.
+## My talk was accepted, what should I do?
+At this point, you should pre-record your talk. Once you're done with that,
+you only need to wait until your talk is presented at AlpineConf.
+Using BigBlueButton, we will play the pre-recorded talk and then users may
+participate in an interactive Q&A session with you following the talk.
+## My talk was rejected, what should I do?
+If your talk was rejected in the first round, don't fret, you can ask for us
+to reconsider it in the second round. If it didn't make the second round,
+you might be able to get a slot anyway if there's not enough content on the
+second day.
+## Code of Conduct
+AlpineConf and its presenters are expected to abide by the [Alpine Code of Conduct][coc]
+while participating in AlpineConf.
+ [coc]: https://alpinelinux.org/community/code-of-conduct.html \ No newline at end of file