BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.12-stableapk-tools-2.12.14Timo Teräs6 weeks
2.14-stabledb: honor 'verify' mode in apk_cache_download()Timo Teräs8 days
io-wgetadd alternate url wget implementationTimo Teräs5 weeks
masterdoc: remove FTP from apk man pagesTimo Teräs48 hours
mkpkg-info-generalizationmkpkg: generalize --info to allow setting also package fieldsTimo Teräs14 months
tt-adb-compression-specadb_comp: convert adb_comp_t to struct adb_compression_specTimo Teräs4 months
tt-fix-symlink-apknewdb: fix change detection for symlinksTimo Teräs21 months
tt-package-docdoc: add documentation about package metadata and its usageTimo Teräs3 months
tt-stable-wipapk: add --force-missing-repositoriesTimo Teräs13 months
tt-version-commithashversion: add support for commit hash component in version stringTimo Teräs2 months
v2.12.14commit 3fa5c35f69...Timo Teräs6 weeks
v2.14.4commit de114558a5...Timo Teräs6 weeks
v2.12.13commit b78f17fbf0...Timo Teräs8 weeks
v2.14.3commit 44859f89ab...Timo Teräs8 weeks
v2.12.12commit 5abf38f43b...Timo Teräs8 weeks
v2.14.2commit 31c86ad446...Timo Teräs8 weeks
v3.0.0_pre2commit 648fb1bd00...Timo Teräs8 weeks
v3.0.0_pre1commit ef54b71ab5...Timo Teräs2 months
v2.14.1commit 1941e56198...Timo Teräs2 months
v2.14.0commit 7250e5fa5b...Timo Teräs13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 hoursdoc: remove FTP from apk man pagesHEADmasterTimo Teräs2-8/+4
5 dayslibfetch: remove support for FTPAriadne Conill11-1454/+8
7 dayscrypto: fix assert in apk_digest_ctx_reset_algTimo Teräs2-2/+2
7 dayscrypto/mbedtls: fix assert to testTimo Teräs1-1/+1
8 daysbuild/crypto: minor clean up for crypto definesTimo Teräs2-7/+4
8 dayscrypto: minor fixesTimo Teräs2-11/+14
12 dayscrypto: add support for mbedtls as backendJonas Jelonek8-19/+389
2024-05-10portability: add getrandomJonas Jelonek3-0/+26
2024-05-10add option to configure url backend in legacy make build systemChristian Marangi1-4/+20
2024-05-10add alternate url wget implementationTimo Teräs5-4/+173