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# Alpine Linux README: Password Store #

Notes for making the clipboard work for root over ssh:

(1) apk add xauth xclip

(2) On your LOCAL machine add to ~/.ssh/config:

host xxxxxxx
  ForwardX11 yes
  ForwardX11Trusted yes

(3) In the REMOTE USER ~/.profile add:

  echo "$DISPLAY" > ~/.display

(4) In the REMOTE ROOT ~/.profile add:

  export DISPLAY=$(cat /home/login-user/.display)

(5) file=/home/login-user/.Xauthority
    touch $file
    chmod 0600 $file
    chown user:user $file
    ln -s $file /root/.Xauthority

(6) In the REMOTE ROOT ~/.profile add:

  # fix tty ownership for pinentry after su -
  chown root $(tty)
  export GPG_TTY=$(tty)