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From: Gordon Malm <gengor@gentoo.org>

Make distcc client pass -D__KERNEL__ macro.  Hardened GCC uses this
macro to determine if code intended to be run in-kernel is being compiled.
If the code is kernel code, certain compile flags are not applied.

When using distcc to build kernel code (modules, etc.) without this patch,
the distccd host doesn't get passed -D__KERNEL__.  Consequently, gcc on
the distccd host applies all kinds of flags that it shouldn't.

--- distcc-2.18.3/src/strip.c
+++ distcc-2.18.3-hardened/src/strip.c
@@ -73,7 +73,10 @@ int dcc_strip_local_args(char **from, ch
     /* skip through argv, copying all arguments but skipping ones that
      * ought to be omitted */
     for (from_i = to_i = 0; from[from_i]; from_i++) {
-        if (str_equal("-D", from[from_i])
+        if (str_equal("-D__KERNEL__", from[from_i])) {
+            to[to_i++] = from[from_i];
+        }
+        else if (str_equal("-D", from[from_i])
             || str_equal("-I", from[from_i])
             || str_equal("-U", from[from_i])
             || str_equal("-L", from[from_i])