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# Use keymap to specify the default console keymap.  There is a complete tree
# of keymaps in /usr/share/keymaps to choose from.

# Should we first load the 'windowkeys' console keymap?  Most x86 users will
# say "yes" here.  Note that non-x86 users should leave it as "no".
# Loading this keymap will enable VT switching (like ALT+Left/Right)
# using the special windows keys on the linux console.

# The maps to load for extended keyboards.  Most users will leave this as is.
#extended_keymaps="backspace keypad euro2"

# Tell dumpkeys(1) to interpret character action codes to be
# from the specified character set.
# This only matters if you set unicode="yes" in /etc/rc.conf.
# For a list of valid sets, run `dumpkeys --help`

# Some fonts map AltGr-E to the currency symbol instead of the Euro.
# To fix this, set to "yes"