path: root/main/libvirt/libvirt.confd
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# /etc/conf.d/libvirtd

# You may want to add '--listen' to have libvirtd listen for tcp/ip connections
# if you want to use libvirt for remote control

# Please consult 'libvirtd --help' for more options


# Valid options:
# * shutdown - Sends an ACPI shutdown (think when you tap the power button
# 				on your machine and it begins a graceful shutdown). If your
# 				VM ignores this, it will have the power yanked out from under
# * managedsave - Performs a state save external to the VM. qemu-kvm will stop
# 				stop the CPU and save off all state to a separate file. When
# 				the machine is started again, it will resume like nothing ever
# 				happened. This is guarenteed to always successfully stop your
# 				machine and restart it. However it may take some time to finish.
# * none - No attempts will be made to stop any VMs. If you are restarting your
# 		machine the qemu-kvm process will be simply killed, which may result
# 		in your VMs having disk corruption.

# Timeout in seconds until stopping libvirtd and "pulling the plug" on the
# remaining VM's still in a running state