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From jani@ulrik.uio.no Wed Oct 05 09:38:47 2011
To: 644169@bugs.debian.org
Subject: Re: Bug#644169: libapache2-mod-perl2: PerlOptions -Sections not
 permitted in server config, but should be
From: Jan Ingvoldstad <jani+debian-2011+@ifi.uio.no>
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 11:38:37 +0200
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Here is a patch that ensures that <Perl> (and Pod) sections are only
allowed in the server configuration and not per directory, which
incidentally matches the specification table here:


The patch has been tested on the same system where I identified the

The patch solves the issue for me, and leaves only the following
issues, as far as I can tell:

 - Should there be fine-grained control as "PerlOptions -Sections"
   implies or not?

 - The mod_perl documentation (online and in the module) probably
   needs to be changed to reflect that PerlOptions -Sections does not

Description: allow Perl and Pod sections only in server config
Author: Jan Ingvoldstad <jani+debian-mod-perl-2011+@ifi.uio.no>
Last-Update: 2011-10-05
--- a/src/modules/perl/mod_perl.c	2011-02-02 21:23:45.000000000 +0100
+++ b/src/modules/perl/mod_perl.c	2011-10-05 11:05:52.977576861 +0200
@@ -913,18 +913,18 @@
     MP_CMD_DIR_ITERATE2("PerlAddVar", add_var, "PerlAddVar"),
     MP_CMD_DIR_TAKE2("PerlSetEnv", set_env, "PerlSetEnv"),
     MP_CMD_SRV_TAKE1("PerlPassEnv", pass_env, "PerlPassEnv"),
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("<Perl", perl, "Perl Code"),
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS("Perl", perldo, "Perl Code"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("<Perl", perl, "Perl Code"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS("Perl", perldo, "Perl Code"),
     MP_CMD_DIR_TAKE1("PerlSetInputFilter", set_input_filter,
     MP_CMD_DIR_TAKE1("PerlSetOutputFilter", set_output_filter,
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=pod", pod, "Start of POD"),
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=back", pod, "End of =over"),
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=cut", pod_cut, "End of POD"),
-    MP_CMD_DIR_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("__END__", END, "Stop reading config"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=pod", pod, "Start of POD"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=back", pod, "End of =over"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("=cut", pod_cut, "End of POD"),
+    MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS_ON_READ("__END__", END, "Stop reading config"),
     MP_CMD_SRV_RAW_ARGS("PerlLoadModule", load_module, "A Perl module"),
 #ifdef MP_TRACE