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markComment: >
- This pull request has been automatically marked as stale because it has not
- had activity in the last 60 days. It will be automatically closed if no
- further activity occurs in the next 14 days. If you are still waiting for a
- review or response from one of our developers you can leave a comment to
- remove the stale label. If you know the username of the maintainer of the
- aport you could try to mention the username in the comment. You can also
- join our IRC channels on freenode and see if you can find an available
- developer. Thank you for your contributions.
+ Sorry to bother you, but we noticed there has't been any activity on this
+ pull request for 60 days. Because we have to deal with a lot of pull
+ requests, we use this stupid bot to automatically mark it as stale.
+ If you still want this PR to be merged, you can do the following:
+ 1. Rebase the PR on the latest master.
+ 2. Apply any feedback you might have received.
+ 3. Make sure the package builds without issues in CI.
+ 4. If the PR is waiting on us, feel free to ping one of us here or on IRC.
+ If you are no longer interested in this PR, you don't have to do anything.
+ The PR will automatically be closed in 14 days.
closeComment: >
This pull request has been automatically closed.