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authorPrzemyslaw Pawelczyk <przemoc@zoho.com>2016-06-06 02:05:12 +0200
committerNatanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>2016-06-07 07:20:09 +0000
commita835b69165330ce2160bb1349e436b7061a9e6dc (patch)
parent5708404c50a7e1bb8839c934e6ed29aa71dee873 (diff)
testing/[various]: Add group and use it as primary in .pre-* scripts.
Fixes the problem I unintentionally brought in commit ccc056dbf9d3: system user creation doesn't add same named group and uses nogroup as primary group unless explicitly specified via -G. Brings status quo regarding primary groups of users created in packages: - testing/dbmail - testing/dspam - testing/opensips - testing/pdns - testing/qpage - testing/rrdbot - testing/wt
7 files changed, 14 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/testing/dbmail/dbmail.pre-install b/testing/dbmail/dbmail.pre-install
index 21650fc928..8a36d1530f 100644
--- a/testing/dbmail/dbmail.pre-install
+++ b/testing/dbmail/dbmail.pre-install
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-adduser -S -D -H -h /var/lib/dbmail -s /bin/false -g dbmail dbmail 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S dbmail 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -H -h /var/lib/dbmail -s /bin/false -G dbmail -g dbmail dbmail 2>/dev/null
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/dspam/dspam.pre-install b/testing/dspam/dspam.pre-install
index e78f1e6f34..8cffce83a3 100644
--- a/testing/dspam/dspam.pre-install
+++ b/testing/dspam/dspam.pre-install
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
-adduser -S -D -h /var/lib/dspam -s /bin/false -g dspam dspam 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S dspam 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -h /var/lib/dspam -s /bin/false -G dspam -g dspam dspam 2>/dev/null
chown dspam:dspam /var/lib/dspam
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/opensips/opensips.pre-install b/testing/opensips/opensips.pre-install
index 8eebc7b0d8..1fcd8dc61c 100644
--- a/testing/opensips/opensips.pre-install
+++ b/testing/opensips/opensips.pre-install
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-adduser -S -D -H -h /var/empty -s /bin/false -g opensips opensips 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S opensips 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -H -h /var/empty -s /bin/false -G opensips -g opensips opensips 2>/dev/null
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/pdns/pdns.pre-install b/testing/pdns/pdns.pre-install
index e80add6412..021b1e7e9c 100644
--- a/testing/pdns/pdns.pre-install
+++ b/testing/pdns/pdns.pre-install
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-adduser -S -D -H -h /var/empty -s /bin/false -g pdns pdns 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S pdns 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -H -h /var/empty -s /bin/false -G pdns -g pdns pdns 2>/dev/null
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/qpage/qpage.pre-install b/testing/qpage/qpage.pre-install
index 45f03d0bd0..c73b800dbd 100644
--- a/testing/qpage/qpage.pre-install
+++ b/testing/qpage/qpage.pre-install
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-adduser -S -D -h /var/lib/qpage -s /bin/false -G qpage -g qpage qpage 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S qpage 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -h /var/lib/qpage -s /bin/false -G qpage -G qpage -g qpage qpage 2>/dev/null
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/rrdbot/rrdbot.pre-install b/testing/rrdbot/rrdbot.pre-install
index d73a197ab8..4394576a24 100644
--- a/testing/rrdbot/rrdbot.pre-install
+++ b/testing/rrdbot/rrdbot.pre-install
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
-adduser -S -D -H -s /bin/false -g rrdbotd rrdbotd 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S rrdbotd 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -H -s /bin/false -G rrdbotd -g rrdbotd rrdbotd 2>/dev/null
exit 0
diff --git a/testing/wt/wt.pre-install b/testing/wt/wt.pre-install
index b007724a0c..35ff869a34 100644
--- a/testing/wt/wt.pre-install
+++ b/testing/wt/wt.pre-install
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
addgroup -S -g 82 www-data 2>/dev/null
-adduser -S -D -H -s /sbin/nologin -g wt wt 2>/dev/null
+addgroup -S wt 2>/dev/null
+adduser -S -D -H -s /sbin/nologin -G wt -g wt wt 2>/dev/null
addgroup wt www-data 2>/dev/null
exit 0