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main/rng-tools: move from community
Maintaining the system entropy pool with a HWRNG is quite important on embedded devices (e.g. RPI3) and on virtual instances, due to that these systems generate very little entropy on their own. Starting rng-tools early in the boot of a system with a hwrng avoids that the Linux kernel "blocks" for a couple of minutes during boot, before any services using entropy can start. This package supports feeding the kernel entopy pool with random data from different sources, among these /dev/hwrng and the Intel rdrand instruction. The reason for moving it to main is that rng-tools for these reasons also will be beneficial to provide on the Alpine installer media.
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-description="Random number generator daemon"
-command_args="--quiet --background --pid-file $pidfile $RNGD_OPTS"
-start_stop_daemon_args="--wait 5"
-depend() {
- need localmount
- after urandom
- provide entropy