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[various]: unify names of licenses according to SPDX
This commit updates $license variable in all APKBUILDs to comply with short names specified by SPDX version 3.0 [1] where possible. It was done using find-and-replace method on substrings inside $license variables. Only license names were updated, not "expressions" specifying relation between the licenses (e.g. "X and Y", "X or Y", "X and (Y or Z)") or exceptions (e.g. "X with exceptions"). Many licenses have a version or multiple variants, e.g. MPL-2.0, BSD-2-Clause, BSD-3-Clause. However, $license in many aports do not contain license version or variant. Since there's no way how to infer this information just from abuild, it were left without the variant suffix or version, i.e. non SPDX compliant. GNU licenses (AGPL, GFDL, GPL, LGPL) are especially complicated. They exist in two variants: -only (formerly e.g. GPL-2.0) and -or-later (formerly e.g. GPL-2.0+). We did not systematically noted distinguish between these variants, so GPL-2.0, GPL2, GPLv2 etc. may mean GPL-2.0-only or GPL-2.0-or-later. Thus GNU licenses without "+" (e.g. GPL2+) were left without the variant suffix, i.e. non SPDX compliant. Note: This commit just fixes format of the license names, no verification has been done if the specified license information is actually correct! [1]: https://spdx.org/licenses/
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diff --git a/community/tg/APKBUILD b/community/tg/APKBUILD
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ tlparserver=0_git20151118
pkgdesc="Command line Telegram client"
arch="all !s390x"
depends_dev="readline-dev libressl-dev libconfig-dev libevent-dev jansson-dev lua5.2-dev"
makedepends="$depends_dev zlib-dev grep"