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+.\" This manual is published under the GPL.
+.\" All guidelines specified in the GPL apply here.
+.\" To get an ascii file:
+.\" groff -man -Tascii pon.1 > pon.txt
+.TH PON 1 "July 2000" "Debian Project" "Debian PPPD"
+pon, poff, plog \- starts up, shuts down or lists the log of PPP connections
+.B pon
+[ isp-name [ options ] ]
+.B poff
+[ -r ] [ -d ] [ -c ] [ -a ] [ -h ] [ isp-name ]
+.B plog
+[ arguments ]
+This manual page describes the \fBpon\fP, \fBplog\fP and \fBpoff\fP
+scripts, which allow users to control PPP connections.
+.SS pon
+\fBpon\fP, invoked without arguments, runs the \fI/etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot\fP
+file, if it exists and is executable. Otherwise, a PPP connection will be
+started using configuration from \fI/etc/ppp/peers/provider\fP.
+This is the default behaviour unless an \fBisp-name\fP argument is given.
+For instance, to use ISP configuration "myisp" run:
+pon myisp
+\fBpon\fP will then use the options file \fI/etc/ppp/peers/myisp\fP.
+You can pass additional \fBoptions\fP after the ISP name, too.
+\fBpon\fP can be used to run multiple, simultaneous PPP connections.
+.SS poff
+\fBpoff\fP closes a PPP connection. If more than one PPP connection exists,
+the one named in the argument to \fBpoff\fP will be killed, e.g.
+poff myprovider2
+will terminate the connection to myprovider2, and leave the PPP connections
+to e.g. "myprovider1" or "myprovider3" up and running.
+\fBpoff\fP takes the following command line options:
+.B "\-r"
+causes the connection to be redialed after it is dropped.
+.B "\-d"
+toggles the state of pppd's debug option.
+.B "\-c"
+.BR pppd (8)
+to renegotiate compression.
+.B "\-a"
+stops all running ppp connections. If the argument \fBisp-name\fP
+is given it will be ignored.
+.B "\-h"
+displays help information.
+.B "\-v"
+prints the version and exits.
+If no argument is given, \fBpoff\fP will stop or signal pppd if and only
+if there is exactly one running. If more than one connection is active,
+it will exit with an error code of 1.
+.SS plog
+\fBplog\fP shows you the last few lines of \fI/var/log/ppp.log\fP. If that
+file doesn't exist, it shows you the last few lines of your
+\fI/var/log/syslog\fP file, but excluding the lines not generated by pppd.
+This script makes use of the
+.BR tail (1)
+command, so arguments that can be passed to
+.BR tail (1)
+can also be passed to \fBplog\fP.
+Note: the \fBplog\fP script can only be used by root or another system
+administrator in group "adm", due to security reasons. Also, to have all
+pppd-generated information in one logfile, that plog can show, you need the
+following line in your \fI/etc/syslog.conf\fP file:
+local2.* -/var/log/ppp.log
+.I /etc/ppp/options
+PPPd system options file.
+.I /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
+System PAP passwords file.
+.I /etc/ppp/chap-secrets
+System CHAP passwords file.
+.I /etc/ppp/peers/
+Directory holding the peer options files. The default file is called
+.I /etc/chatscripts/provider
+The chat script invoked from the default \fI/etc/ppp/peers/provider\fP.
+.I /var/log/ppp.log
+The default PPP log file.
+The p-commands were written by Christoph Lameter <clameter@debian.org>.
+Updated and revised by Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>.
+This manual was written by Othmar Pasteka <othmar@tron.at>. Modified
+by Rob Levin <lilo@openprojects.net>, with some extensions taken from
+the old p-commands manual written by John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org>.
+.BR pppd (8),
+.BR chat (8),
+.BR tail (1).