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main/ez-ipupdate: new aport
utility for updating your host name for many of the dynamic DNS services (ez-ip.net, dyndns.org, etc) http://ez-ipupdate.com/
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+# conf.d file for ez-ipupdate
+# NOTE: all of the options defined in this configuration file need
+# to remain in the file (do not remove them). modify them as needed
+# or leave them at the default
+# the type of service that you are using
+# try one of: ezip, pgpow, dhs, dyndns,
+# dyndns-static, ods, tzo, gnudip, easydns,
+# justlinux, dyns, hn, zoneedit
+# What hostname are you updating?
+# Credentials used to update the service
+# Which interface has the IP to be updated?
+# If you want your domain to have a wildcard alias, set this to 1
+# If you need to override the server to send updates to, do it here.
+# You can also specify the port, in this format: server[:port]
+# max time in between updates (seconds - must be 86400 or larger)
+# I/O timeout (seconds.millis)