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main/iproute2-qos: add htb burst and fix privileged class ceiling
The HTB classifier uses a burst parameter to figure how much of packets can be queued when the class is lending from other classes. It should be set automatically by tc / kernel, but appears not be set, so set it explictly. This fixes htb class not getting full speed if difference of ceil and rate is large. This also changes Privileged class to get ceil of the total bandwidth instead of the previous hard limit of guaranteed rate. While, it is consider good practices for Privileged class to have hard ceil less than max. speed, it will cause problems links with asymmetric speeds (e.g. ADSL 24M/1M cannot gain full download speed if Privileged class is limited this heavily). It might be a good idea to later have the hard ceiling configurable, but for now it's better to ceil it to wire speed.
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# Contributor: Ilya Strelkin <iilluzion@gmail.com>
# Maintainer: Ilya Strelkin <iilluzion@gmail.com>
pkgdesc="Scripts to set up quality of service with iproute2"