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main/linux-*: remove redundant override of HOSTCCHEADmaster
apkbuild-lint complains about the use of HOSTCC in APKBUILDs: IC:[AL6]:main/linux-lts/APKBUILD:66:prefix custom variable with _: HOSTCC="${CC:-gcc}" IC:[AL6]:main/linux-lts/APKBUILD:67:prefix custom variable with _: HOSTCC="${HOSTCC#${CROSS_COMPILE}}" MC:[AL31]:main/linux-lts/APKBUILD:66:variables must not have capital letters MC:[AL31]:main/linux-lts/APKBUILD:67:variables must not have capital letters The first two were fixed in https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/Leo/atools/merge_requests/24. But apkbuild-lint still complains about the capitalized variable. Adding an exception for this in atools seems quite complicated. It turns out overriding HOSTCC in the linux-* APKBUILD is actually no longer necessary. abuild automatically sets HOSTCC correctly now when cross compiling, and the APKBUILD will just set the same value again. (see https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/abuild/commit/9be173c6774fbec6cf8acd573faa039dd4129fc6) We can just remove HOSTCC from the APKBUILD. linux-lts still builds fine when cross compiling for aarch64 using bootstrap.sh.
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