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+## template:jinja
+This file /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.alpine.tmpl is only utilized
+if enabled in cloud-config. Specifically, in order to enable it
+you need to add the following to config:
+ manage_etc_hosts: template
+# Your system has configured 'manage_etc_hosts' as 'template'.
+# As a result, if you wish for changes to this file to persist
+# then you will need to either
+# a.) make changes to the master file in /etc/cloud/templates/hosts.alpine.tmpl
+# b.) change or remove the value of 'manage_etc_hosts' in
+# /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg or cloud-config from user-data
+# The following lines are desirable for IPv4 capable hosts
+ {{fqdn}} {{hostname}}
+ localhost.localdomain localhost
+ localhost4.localdomain4 localhost4
+# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts
+::1 {{fqdn}} {{hostname}}
+::1 localhost.localdomain localhost
+::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6