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testing/fastd: new aport
Fast and Secure Tunneling Daemon https://projects.universe-factory.net/projects/fastd [tteras: fixed dependencies]
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+# To run multiple fastd instances, copy this file to /etc/fastd/example.conf,
+# create a symlink /etc/init.d/fastd.example -> fastd
+# and initialize the tunnel by issuing: rc-service fastd.example start
+# See also: http://fastd.readthedocs.org/en/v17/manual/config.html
+# Log warnings and errors to stderr
+log level warn;
+# Log everything to syslog
+#log to syslog level debug;
+# Set the interface name
+interface "mesh-vpn";
+# Support salsa2012+umac and null methods, prefer salsa2012+umac
+method "salsa2012+umac";
+# Sets the handshake protocol; at the moment only ec25519-fhmqvc is supported.
+protocol "ec25519-fhmqvc";
+# Bind to a fixed port, IPv4 only
+# Secret key generated by `fastd --generate-key`
+secret "";
+# Set the interface MTU for TAP mode with xsalsa20/aes128 over IPv4 with a base MTU of 1492 (PPPoE)
+# (see MTU selection documentation)
+mtu 1428;
+# Include peers from the directory 'peers'
+include peers from "peers";