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committerNatanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>2016-08-22 17:07:08 -0700
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main/openssh: Fix pid dir expectation in confd and initd files.
Since commit 71eb72d62425082850604f526dbcbfdcf2808c31 (2016-03-13, pre-v3.4) openssh is build with pid dir explicitly set to /run. The change was not reflected in sshd.confd or sshd.initd, though, and sadly not even in the commit message. (Before it was set implicitly to /var/run.) /var/run and /run semantics are the same, but AL does not truly guarantee (at least yet) that the first is symlinked to the latter (which is a common practice among Linux distributions nowadays, where /run is tmpfs mounted very early - in AL openrc's init.sh does that). alpine-baselayout package simply has run and var/run directories and they are not related in any way from the package point of view. Unless you create such symlink yourself or it is created via openrc's boot service bootmisc (performing /var/run -> /run migration and some other stuff), you cannot use /var/run/ and /run/ paths interchangeably. The patch should be applied to 3.4-stable branch too (without changing pkgver used there and with proper pkgrel increment, of course). I was seeing false crashed state next to sshd in rc-status after upgrading AL from 3.3 to 3.4 on machine where bootmisc is not used. (I don't think it's a grave enough lack to warrant patch rejection.)
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