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+# Maintainer: Mitch Tishmack <mitch.tishmack@gmail.com>
+pkgdesc="Tiptop: Hardware Performance Counters for the Masses"
+# Note: This tool requires two things to work:
+# 1: hardware counters in the cpu itself
+# 2: support in the kernel perf framework to use them
+# Right now this applies to x86 only. Note this tool will compile
+# elsewhere but without the aforementioned hardware support and kernel
+# support, nothing of use will happen when run.
+arch="x86 x86_64"
+makedepends="byacc flex linux-headers ncurses-dev libxml2-dev"
+# Note, arg parsing appears to happen after attempting a perf syscall
+# so while it would be nice to run tiptop -h to validate the compile worked
+# there is a chance it might error out for no reason than the system building
+# not having support for the syscall or hardware.
+build() {
+ cd "$builddir"
+ ./configure --prefix=/usr
+ make
+package() {
+ cd "$builddir"
+ make install DESTDIR="$pkgdir"
+sha512sums="e09ad1fd7063c9b8b7351b5c114cfa1f8e1737b1cfb73c4c869612c3887b060a838c33bdee330349225b48cd73d295fef24cd36c6eb36b566d20adff2dae53d5 tiptop-2.3.tar.gz"