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testing/cargo: add note about downloading dependencies
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@@ -16,8 +16,16 @@ makedepends="cmake curl-dev libgit2-dev libssh2-dev libressl-dev python2 zlib-de
-# NOTE: Cargo is self-hosted, so you need cargo to build cargo (ugh).
-# TODO: Implement some support for verifying crates fetched by cargo!
+# Note: Cargo is self-hosted, so you need cargo to build cargo (ugh).
+# XXX: Cargo depends on many crates (Rust packages) and currently downloads
+# them itself in the build phase. This quite violates our policy. However,
+# unlike some other package managers, Cargo does not download arbitrary
+# packages from the Internet without any verification. The source tarball
+# includes file Cargo.lock that contains complete dependency tree with exact
+# version and checksum for each crate . With --locked we force cargo to
+# adhere to this file and verify checksums. So it provides the same
+# guarantees as abuild. That said, for now it's exception only for cargo
+# package and should not be applied to other rust packages!