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+# Configuration for /etc/init.d/clsync
+# Path of the configuration file. Defaults to name of the init script
+# file/symlink with stripped optional part after the first dot.
+# Set to "/NULL/" if no config file should be read.
+# Name of the configuration block in the config file to use.
+# If name of the init script file/symlink contains a dot, then it defaults
+# to the part after the first dot (e.g. clsync.backups -> backups). Otherwise
+# "default" is used as the default block.
+# Path of the file to which redirect clsync's stderr. If not specified, clsync
+# is started with "--output syslog" to log into syslog.
+# The user to start clsync process. Defaults to root.
+# Additional arguments to pass to clsync.