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+#If you want tincd to log to syslog, then set this to "yes"
+#Anything else and tincd will log to /var/log/tinc.NETNAME.log.
+#Set debug level, useful for error probe
+# 0 Quiet mode, only show starting/stopping of the daemon
+# 1 Show (dis)connects of other tinc daemons via TCP
+# 2 Show error messages received from other hosts
+# 2 Show status messages received from other hosts
+# 3 Show the requests that are sent/received
+# 4 Show contents of every request that is sent/received
+# 5 Show network traffic information
+# 6 Show contents of each packet that is being sent/received
+# 10 You have been warned
+#Extra Options, if you want addtional customization