Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* main/gtk+: adjust pkgver so it gets updatedNatanael Copa2011-02-151-3/+3
* main/shared-mime-info: upgrade to 0.90Natanael Copa2011-02-151-4/+4
* main/sg3_utils: upgrade to 1.30Natanael Copa2011-02-151-2/+2
* main/dhcpcd: upgrade to 5.2.11Natanael Copa2011-02-141-2/+2
* main/gtk+3.0: new aportWilliam Pitcock2011-02-145-0/+86
* main/gtk+2.0: try removing ftbfs patchWilliam Pitcock2011-02-142-20/+3
* main/gdk-pixbuf: upgrade to 2.22.1William Pitcock2011-02-141-3/+3
* main/glib: upgrade to 2.28.0William Pitcock2011-02-141-2/+2
* main/gtk+2.0: add missing patchWilliam Pitcock2011-02-141-0/+10
* main/gtk+2.0: replaces gtk+William Pitcock2011-02-141-0/+5
* main/gtk+2.0: update to 2.24.0 with ftbfs patchWilliam Pitcock2011-02-141-5/+13
* main/pangomm: upgrade to 2.26.3Natanael Copa2011-02-141-2/+2
* main/unrar: upgrade to 4.0.6Natanael Copa2011-02-141-2/+2
* main/libexif: upgrade to 0.6.20Natanael Copa2011-02-141-3/+3
* main/cairomm: upgrade to 1.9.8Natanael Copa2011-02-141-2/+2
* main/aspell-en: upgrade to 7.1Natanael Copa2011-02-141-3/+3
* main/gtk+: new aport; transitional package to gtk+2.0William Pitcock2011-02-142-1/+25
* main/gtk+2.0: rename from gtk+ for gtk+3.0 transitionWilliam Pitcock2011-02-145-1/+1
* main/yaboot: new aport (powerpc only)William Pitcock2011-02-141-0/+38
* main/syslinux: x86 and x86_64 archs onlyWilliam Pitcock2011-02-141-1/+1
* main/vlc: enable id3 tags supportLeonardo Arena2011-02-141-1/+4
* main/vlc: enable ffmpeg libavcodec and pluginsLeonardo Arena2011-02-141-1/+7
* main/gobject-introspection: upgrade to 0.10.2Natanael Copa2011-02-131-2/+2
* main/gnome-doc-utils: upgrade to 0.20.4Natanael Copa2011-02-131-2/+2
* main/feh: upgrade to 1.11.2Natanael Copa2011-02-131-2/+2
* main/desktop-file-utils: upgrade to 0.18Natanael Copa2011-02-131-3/+3
* main/atk: upgrade to 1.33.6Natanael Copa2011-02-131-2/+2
* main/git: upgrade to Copa2011-02-131-3/+3
* main/nmap: upgrade to 5.51Natanael Copa2011-02-131-2/+2
* testing/open-vm-tools: start after filesystem is mountedCarlo Landmeter2011-02-132-3/+3
* main/busybox: bump pkgrelWilliam Pitcock2011-02-131-1/+1
* main/busybox: forgot to add APKBUILDMichael Zhou2011-02-131-1/+3
* main/busybox: added SHA512 support (using libc) to loginutils, and use it by ...Michael Zhou2011-02-131-0/+154
* testing/open-vm-tools-grsec: added missing configure flagCarlo Landmeter2011-02-131-0/+1
* Merge ssh://git.alpinelinux.org/gitroot/clandmeter/aportsWilliam Pitcock2011-02-132-21/+38
| * testing/open-vm-tools-grsec: added initd and clean-upCarlo Landmeter2011-02-122-21/+38
* | main/gcc: missed a spotWilliam Pitcock2011-02-121-2/+3
* | main/gcc: turn java knob back on by defaultWilliam Pitcock2011-02-121-2/+2
* | main/udev: upgrade to 166Natanael Copa2011-02-121-2/+2
* | main/lvm2: upgrade to 2.02.84Natanael Copa2011-02-121-2/+2
* main/libc0.9.32: update pkgrelWilliam Pitcock2011-02-121-1/+1
* main/libc0.9.32: add sha512 support to crypt()Michael Zhou2011-02-122-1/+857
* testing/open-vm-tools: move gtk plugins to gtk subpkgCarlo Landmeter2011-02-121-5/+5
* testing/open-vm-tools-grsec: move kernel version to configure optCarlo Landmeter2011-02-121-1/+1
* testing/open-vm-tools-grsec: new aportCarlo Landmeter2011-02-111-0/+68
* testing/open-vm-tools: undo move plugins to subpkgCarlo Landmeter2011-02-111-8/+1
* testing/open-vm-tools: updated to latest dev releaseCarlo Landmeter2011-02-119-274/+36
* main/busybox: upgrade to 1.18.3; replace wget patch with one blessed by upstreamWilliam Pitcock2011-02-113-25/+133
* main/acf-provisioning: upgrade to 0.0.5Ted Trask2011-02-111-3/+3
* main/acf-provisioning: revert 34a86c996d1f681b62fb1c2723bf053260f27e5f upgrad...Ted Trask2011-02-111-3/+3