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* community/at: upgrade to 3.1.23Leo2019-05-081-16/+13
* community/at: modernise, mark no tests, fix licenseA. Wilcox2018-03-011-22/+10
* community/*: fix homepage url and source from http:// to https://Jakub Jirutka2017-11-191-1/+1
| | | | | | | Most of these updates is based on data from https://repology.org/, detection based on permanent redirect from http:// to https://. $source urls are updated when they contain $url as substring.
* community/at: rebuild against byacc-20170430Leonardo Arena2017-05-041-1/+1
* community/at: upgrade to 3.1.20Carlo Landmeter2016-08-164-35/+28
* testing/[various]: move packages to communityScrumpyJack2016-07-047-0/+146
Moves the packages listed below from the testing to the community repository after successfully testing of said packages. asciinema at calcurse cmus compton cpio dvd+rw-tools fortune fvwm geary h2o heirloom-mailx leafpad nedit nmh rover tor torsocks urlview vdesk w3m wbar xcalc xclock xeyes xkill