path: root/community/binaryen/APKBUILD
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* community/binaryen: disable on mips, no nodejsAriadne Conill2020-04-081-1/+1
* community/*: make CMake and meson respect our C{,PP,XX}FLAGSRasmus Thomsen2020-02-211-2/+2
* community/binaryen: drop tests since they require python2Leo2019-09-121-8/+3
* community/binaryen: build fix for aarch64Natanael Copa2019-01-081-2/+4
* community/binaryen: backport a GCC 8 fix from upstreamDaniel Isaksen2018-11-181-2/+4
* [various]: unify names of licenses according to SPDXJakub Jirutka2017-12-301-1/+1
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 40Jakub Jirutka2017-12-281-3/+3
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 38Jakub Jirutka2017-10-311-5/+5
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 1.37.18Jakub Jirutka2017-08-151-2/+2
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 1.37.16Jakub Jirutka2017-07-211-2/+2
* community/binaryen: fix build on aarch64, armhf and ppc64leJakub Jirutka2017-06-211-2/+4
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 1.37.14Jakub Jirutka2017-06-211-6/+4
* community/binaryen: disable on s390xTuan M. Hoang2017-05-131-1/+1
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 1.37.12Jakub Jirutka2017-05-091-2/+2
* community/binaryen: upgrade to 1.37.10Jakub Jirutka2017-04-241-6/+3
* community/binaryen: move from testingJakub Jirutka2017-04-151-0/+56