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* community/nbd: upgrade to 3.20Leo2019-09-262-21/+3
* community/nbd: upgrade to 3.19Leo2019-08-182-9/+8
* community/nbd: fix segfault during testsKevin Daudt2019-05-172-2/+19
* community/nbd: upgrade to 3.18Natanael Copa2018-12-171-3/+3
* community/nbd: fix build (bashisms)alpine-mips-patches2018-12-171-1/+2
* community: (Bulk change) Update source urls to https using HTTPS EverywhereJ0WI2018-10-061-1/+1
* community/nbd: buildtools needs bashCarlo Landmeter2018-07-121-1/+1
* community/nbd: add initd netlink and tls supportCarlo Landmeter2018-07-122-6/+16
* community/nbd: add checkRoberto Oliveira2018-04-081-1/+6
* community/nbd: upgrade to 3.17, clarify licenseprspkt2018-03-201-3/+3
* [various]: unify names of licenses according to SPDXJakub Jirutka2017-12-301-1/+1
* community/nbd: upgrade to 3.16.1 and modernize APKBUILDRoberto Oliveira2017-07-181-12/+6
* community/nbd: moved from unmaintained and upgraded to 3.14Carlo Landmeter2016-10-141-0/+50