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* community/py-sip: fixed the build for PyQt5.sip and sip binaryFrancesco Colista2019-02-141-26/+24
* community/py-sip: upgrade to 4.19.13alpine-mips-patches2018-12-281-2/+2
* community/py-sip: upgrade to 4.19.7Francesco Colista2018-01-261-3/+3
* community/py-sip: upgrade to 4.19.6. Added py2 and py3 subpkgFrancesco Colista2018-01-221-11/+40
* community/*: fix homepage url and source from http:// to https://Jakub Jirutka2017-11-191-1/+1
* community/py-sip: upgrade to 4.19.2Francesco Colista2017-04-171-10/+6
* [various] rename dependency python-dev to python2-devJakub Jirutka2016-10-261-1/+1
* community/py-sip: moved from testingFrancesco Colista2016-08-191-0/+38