path: root/core/fakeroot
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* core/fakeroot: upgrade to 1.12.2Natanael Copa2009-04-131-3/+4
* core/fakeroot: force use of /bin/sh rather than /bin/bashNatanael Copa2009-01-151-2/+2
* core/fakeroot: upgrade to 1.12.1Natanael Copa2009-01-121-2/+3
* various: adjusted dependenciesNatanael Copa2008-11-071-1/+0
* various: the splitfuncs are no longer usedNatanael Copa2008-11-071-1/+0
* various: use new subpackage implementationNatanael Copa2008-11-061-0/+1
* rename makedepends to splitfuncsNatanael Copa2008-11-061-1/+1
* core/fakeroot: current busybox does not support kill -sNatanael Copa2008-11-053-15/+28
* patch for fakeroot so we dont get ugly output from getoptNatanael Copa2008-11-042-1/+15
* removed installNatanael Copa2008-11-041-1/+0
* new aport: core/fakerootNatanael Copa2008-10-241-0/+18