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* extra/acf-core: upgrade to 0.8.0Natanael Copa2009-07-171-2/+2
* extra/acf-core: Upgraded to 0.7.0Ted Trask2009-07-031-2/+2
* extra/acf-core: upgrade to 0.6.0Natanael Copa2009-06-111-2/+2
* extra/acf-core: upgrade to 0.5.0Natanael Copa2009-06-051-2/+2
* extra/acf-*: update download link and urlNatanael Copa2009-06-051-2/+2
* extra/acf-core: upgrade to 0.4.22 and add haserl to dependsNatanael Copa2009-05-151-4/+4
* extra/acf-core: added md5 to dependsNatanael Copa2009-02-031-2/+2
* extra/acf-core, extra/acf-skins: moved from testingNatanael Copa2009-01-281-0/+15