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* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.14.1Leo11 days1-6/+3
* main/hiredis: fix test #40 in disconnected environmentalpine-mips-patches2019-11-212-3/+4
* main/hiredis: fix race when running testsNatanael Copa2019-06-031-0/+7
* main/hiredis: rebuildtcely2019-06-031-1/+1
* main/hiredis: add check support, revbumpEivind Uggedal2019-05-282-5/+27
* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.14.0Francesco Colista2018-12-261-5/+3
* main/hiredis: modernize, fix .pc properlyNatanael Copa2018-09-261-22/+7
* main/hiredis: Fixed build hiredis-devSergey Safarov2018-09-261-1/+3
* Remove Eivind Uggedal as a maintainerSören Tempel2017-11-011-2/+2
* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.13.3Eivind Uggedal2015-09-171-4/+4
* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.13.2Eivind Uggedal2015-09-071-4/+4
* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.13.1Natanael Copa2015-05-042-182/+6
* main/hiredis: fix headers to work with pre-c99Natanael Copa2015-04-292-5/+181
* main/hiredis: upgrade to 0.13.0Natanael Copa2015-04-271-4/+4
* main/hiredis: moved from testingEivind Uggedal2014-05-261-0/+41