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* main/libedit: upgrade to 20191231.3.1Drew DeVault2020-01-051-2/+2
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20191211.3.1Drew DeVault2019-12-122-36/+4
* main/libedit: backport fix for segfault in one-line terminalsSören Tempel2019-11-142-3/+35
* libedit: update to 20191025.3.1Drew DeVault2019-10-271-6/+3
* main/libedit: adopt; upgrade to 20190324.3.1Drew DeVault2019-04-031-4/+3
* orphan all of my packagesWilliam Pitcock2019-03-261-2/+2
* main/libedit: fix cross-compilingalpine-mips-patches2019-02-051-1/+2
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20181209.3.1Sören Tempel2018-12-261-2/+2
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20180525.3.1prspkt2018-06-291-6/+6
* main/libedit: add tests, fix descriptionA. Wilcox2017-09-201-2/+7
* main/libedit: fix conflict with readline-docNatanael Copa2017-05-051-6/+2
* main/libedit: conflict on readline-doc for the -doc packageWilliam Pitcock2017-04-271-1/+6
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20170329.3.1, modernize aportTimo Teräs2017-04-241-21/+9
* main/libedit: rebuild against fixed ncurses widechar onlyNatanael Copa2015-12-171-1/+1
* main/libedit: rebuild against ncurses wide charNatanael Copa2015-12-171-1/+1
* main/libedit: rebuild against ncurses-6.0Natanael Copa2015-10-151-1/+1
* Do not delete *.la files manuallyBartłomiej Piotrowski2015-09-101-1/+0
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20150325.3.1Natanael Copa2015-05-051-4/+4
* main/libedit: upgrade to 20140213.3.1Natanael Copa2014-04-031-6/+7
* [all autotools packages]: normalize ./configureTimo Teräs2013-07-301-1/+4
* main/libedit: upgrade to 3.1Natanael Copa2013-07-151-4/+6
* main/libedit: new aportWilliam Pitcock2012-11-141-0/+45