path: root/main/lighttpd
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* main/lighttpd: security upgrade to 1.4.30 (CVE-2011-3389, CVE-2011-4362)Natanael Copa2012-01-031-2/+2
* main/lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.29Natanael Copa2011-07-251-4/+5
* main/lighttpd: set /var/{run,log}/lighttpd permission on startNatanael Copa2011-05-032-2/+10
* main/lighttpd: add support for ldapLeonardo Arena2011-03-071-3/+3
* Set all packages with arch="x86 x86_64" to arch="all".William Pitcock2011-01-131-1/+1
* main/lighttpd: forgot to install new fpm configMatt Smith2011-01-092-4/+4
* main/lighttpd: added fastcgi fpm configMatt Smith2010-12-313-4/+24
* main/*: add archNatanael Copa2010-12-131-0/+1
* main/lighttpd: rebuild against fixed bzip2 (CVE-2010-0405)Natanael Copa2010-09-221-1/+1
* main/lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.28Natanael Copa2010-08-231-2/+2
* main/lighttp: upgrade to 1.4.27Natanael Copa2010-08-163-40/+4
* main/lighttpd: rebuild against libssl-1.0Leonardo Arena2010-06-291-1/+1
* main/[various]: rebuild against openssl-1.0Natanael Copa2010-05-141-1/+1
* main/[various]: bump pkgrel to force rebuild against nptlNatanael Copa2010-05-041-1/+1
* main/lighttpd: fix handling of SSL_CTX_set_options() return valueNatanael Copa2010-03-172-4/+22
* main/lighttpd: fix version number in lighttpdNatanael Copa2010-03-122-2/+20
* main/lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.26Natanael Copa2010-02-101-3/+3
* main/lighttpd: place h264 streaming module in subpackageNatanael Copa2010-01-111-2/+12
* main/lighttpd: added h264 streaming moduleNatanael Copa2010-01-111-2/+24
* main/lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.25Natanael Copa2009-11-231-3/+3
* main/lighttpd: upgrade to 1.4.24Natanael Copa2009-11-091-5/+9
* main/lighttpd,mdadm: start service after firewallNatanael Copa2009-09-152-4/+3
* main/lighttpd: fix bad shell substitution in spawn-fcgiNatanael Copa2009-09-152-6/+5
* moved extra/* to main/Natanael Copa2009-07-2412-0/+718