path: root/main/lua-aports
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* main/lua-aports: regenerate index if packages was deletedNatanael Copa2016-08-263-4/+63
* main/lua-aports: remove debug printNatanael Copa2016-04-292-14/+4
* main/lua-aports: fix buildrepo -dNatanael Copa2016-04-072-4/+121
* main/lua-aports: add lua-optarg dependencyNatanael Copa2015-10-011-2/+2
* main/lua-aports: upgrade to 0.5Natanael Copa2015-10-014-263/+5
* main/lua-aports: only regenerate index if something was actually builtNatanael Copa2015-09-182-4/+21
* main/lua-aports: add support for buildrepo pluginsNatanael Copa2015-07-233-4/+245
* main/lua-aports: upgrade to 0.4Natanael Copa2014-08-192-102/+5
* main/lua-aports: flush stdoutNatanael Copa2014-04-142-4/+101
* main/lua-aports: upgrade to 0.3Natanael Copa2014-04-022-58/+5
* main/lua-aports: fix regressionNatanael Copa2014-04-022-8/+15
* main/lua-aports: dont echo progress for packages that are skippedNatanael Copa2014-04-022-21/+19
* main/lua-aports: reduce mqtt messagesNatanael Copa2014-04-012-4/+52
* main/lua-aports: upgrade to 0.2Natanael Copa2014-03-312-37/+5
* main/lua-aports: fix runtime depsNatanael Copa2014-03-281-3/+3
* main/lua-aports: print version number of package that is buildingNatanael Copa2014-03-282-5/+38
* main/lua-aports: new aportNatanael Copa2014-03-281-0/+39