path: root/main/ntop
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* main/ntop: build fix for automake-1.13Natanael Copa2012-12-312-2/+27
* main/ntop: fix data dir, and some dir ownershipLeonardo Arena2012-08-301-6/+7
* main/ntop: upgrade to 5.0.1Bartłomiej Piotrowski2012-08-201-3/+3
* main/ntop: rebuild against gdbm-1.10 and set dir permissions properlyNatanael Copa2012-02-233-6/+9
* main/ntop: upgrade to 4.1.0Leonardo Arena2011-10-171-5/+5
* main/ntop: remove *.laNatanael Copa2011-06-291-1/+2
* main/[various]: rebuild against python-2.7Natanael Copa2011-06-231-1/+1
* main/ntop: fix default database dirLeonardo Arena2011-03-041-5/+6
* Set all packages with arch="x86 x86_64" to arch="all".William Pitcock2011-01-131-1/+1
* main/*: add archNatanael Copa2010-12-131-0/+1
* main/ntop: upgrade to 4.0.3Leonardo Arena2010-11-181-8/+8
* testing/ntop: moved to mainLeonardo Arena2010-10-265-0/+115