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* main/php5: security upgrade to 5.6.26Natanael Copa2016-09-231-5/+5
* main/php5: rewrite runscript, allow to run multiple mastersJakub Jirutka2016-09-222-14/+80
* main/php5: Upgrade to 5.6.25Andy Postnikov2016-08-221-4/+4
* main/php5: Upgrade to 5.6.24Andy Postnikov2016-07-251-4/+4
* main/php5: Upgrade to 5.6.23Andy Postnikov2016-06-241-4/+4
* main/php5: fix checksumsBartłomiej Piotrowski2016-06-181-3/+3
* main/php5: upgrade to 5.6.22andypost2016-06-182-8/+8
* main/php5: php-fpm initd nows looks into /etc/php5Leonardo Arena2016-05-162-5/+5
* main/php5: renamed php to php5Natanael Copa2016-05-056-0/+613