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* main/[various]: bump pkgrel for pre-install fixesPrzemyslaw Pawelczyk2016-04-251-1/+1
* Reorder arguments passed to addgroup/adduser in scripts.Przemyslaw Pawelczyk2016-04-251-1/+1
* main/*: replace all sbin/runscript with sbin/openrc-runNatanael Copa2015-04-282-5/+5
* main/tinyproxy: upgrade to 1.8.4Natanael Copa2015-04-132-57/+6
* main/tinyproxy: specify licenseFabian Affolter2013-12-031-2/+2
* main/[various]: update config.sub (and remove charset.alias)Timo Teräs2013-09-291-0/+1
* main/tinyproxy: use /sbin/nologin as shellNatanael Copa2013-09-042-2/+2
* main/tinyproxy: use /sbin/nologin as shellNatanael Copa2013-09-031-0/+6
* [all autotools packages]: normalize ./configureTimo Teräs2013-07-301-2/+5
* main/tinyproxy: create pid dir from init.dNatanael Copa2013-01-072-3/+3
* main/tinyproxy: fix CVE-2012-3505Natanael Copa2012-12-072-1/+54
* main/tinyproxy: fix localstatedirNatanael Copa2012-09-281-2/+4
* main/tinyproxy: upgrade to 1.8.3Natanael Copa2011-10-283-20/+18
* main/tinyproxy: use /var/run/tinyproxy as homedir for userNatanael Copa2011-08-082-3/+8
* main: mass-rebuild of packages missing arch in .PKGINFONatanael Copa2011-03-311-1/+1
* Set all packages with arch="x86 x86_64" to arch="all".William Pitcock2011-01-131-1/+1
* main/*: add archNatanael Copa2010-12-131-0/+1
* main/[various]: bump pkgrel to force rebuild against nptlNatanael Copa2010-05-041-1/+1
* [PATCH] Re-added post-install and pre-install script.Francesco Colista2009-11-041-6/+6
* main/tinyproxy: start service after firewallNatanael Copa2009-09-162-2/+3
* main/tinyproxy: use the new pkgusers and pkggroups featureNatanael Copa2009-08-311-8/+7
* main/tinyproxy: use the new install scriptsNatanael Copa2009-07-241-4/+5
* Merge commit 'remotes/mmason/master'Natanael Copa2009-07-243-13/+12
* moved extra/* to main/Natanael Copa2009-07-243-0/+98