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* testing/mycli: use upstream patch for newer version of py3-sqlparseAndy Postnikov2019-06-202-4/+43
* testing/mycli: rebuild against python 3.7Natanael Copa2019-04-171-2/+2
* testing/mycli: upgrade 1.19.0Andy Postnikov2018-12-081-3/+3
* testing/mycli: disable check because builders missing /dev/ttyAndy Postnikov2018-11-031-2/+1
* testing/mycli: exclude broken testAndy Postnikov2018-11-031-1/+1
* testing/mycli: exclude broken testAndy Postnikov2018-11-031-1/+2
* testing/mycli: exclude broken testAndy Postnikov2018-11-031-1/+2
* testing/mycli: upgrade to 1.18.2 and run testsAndy Postnikov2018-11-031-5/+6
* testing/mycli: upgrade to 1.15.0Roberto Oliveira2017-12-281-2/+2
* testing/mycli: upgrade to 1.11.0, switched to python3Thomas Boerger2017-08-291-14/+15
* testing/mycli: upgrade to 1.9.0, modernize APKBUILDFrancesco Colista2017-04-171-6/+9
* [various] rename python executable in APKBUILDs to python2Jakub Jirutka2016-10-261-2/+2
* [various] rename dependency python to python2Jakub Jirutka2016-10-261-1/+1
* [various] rename dependency python-dev to python2-devJakub Jirutka2016-10-261-1/+1
* testing/mycli: new aportThomas Boerger2016-07-061-0/+34