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* aports: add support for armv7 [skip ci]Oliver Smith2018-09-241-1/+1
| | | | | | | | | This makes it possible to provide armv7 as additional architecture in Alpine, next to armhf. See the discussion in this ML thread: <https://lists.alpinelinux.org/alpine-devel/6271.html> It's done by adding armv7 next to armhf in the arch line and also !armv7 where the arch line said !armhf. The following script was used:
* testing/ocamlclean: new aportJakub Jirutka2018-03-121-0/+30
http://www.algo-prog.info/ocapic/web/index.php?id=OCAPIC:OCamlClean OCaml Bytecode Cleaner