BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10-stablemain/openssl: security upgrade to 0.9.8x and backport padlock fixesTimo Teräs8 years
1.9main/spamassassin: pkgrel +1Leonardo Arena11 years
2.0-stablemain/acf-freeswitch-vmail: upgrade to 0.0.10Ted Trask10 years
2.1-stablemain/tiff: fix CVE-2012-5581Natanael Copa8 years
2.2-stablemain/acf-kamailio: upgrade to 0.4.7Ted Trask7 years
2.3-stablemain/zabbix: security upgrade to 1.8.18 (CVE-2013-5743)Natanael Copa7 years
2.4-stablemain/bash: upgrade to 4.2.049 fixes CVE-2014-6271Leonardo Arena6 years
2.5-stablemain/xen: security upgrade to 4.2.5 and patchesNatanael Copa6 years
2.6-stablemain/openldap: fix ber_get_next denial of service (CVE-2015-6908)Leonardo Arena5 years
2.7-stablemain/asterisk: disable -march=nativeTimo Teräs4 years
3.0-stablemain/acf-openssh: upgrade to 0.9.1Ted Trask5 years
3.1-stablemain/curl: security upgrade - fixes #6437Sergey Lukin4 years
3.10-stablemain/ruby: patch CVE-2020-25613TBK12 days
3.11-stablemain/ruby: patch CVE-2020-25613TBK9 days
3.12-stablemain/dovecot: upgrade to 2.3.13 and cve fixesMilan P. Stanić2 days
3.13-stablecommunity/justc-envdir: fix build with new skalibsDermot Bradley10 hours
3.2-stablemain/openssh: security fix for CVE-2016-1907 and CVE-2015-8325Francesco Colista4 weeks
3.3-stablemain/openssl: clean up duplicate CVE entry in secfixes commentNatanael Copa3 months
3.4-stablemain/php5: update secfixes comment for CVE-2018-5712Natanael Copa3 months
3.5-stablemain/php7: update secfixes comment for CVE-2018-5712Natanael Copa3 months
3.6-stablecommunity/wireshark: remove duplicates in secfixes commentNatanael Copa3 months
3.7-stablecommunity/wireshark: remove duplicate CVEs in secfixes commentNatanael Copa3 months
3.8-stablemain/sqlite: fix secfixes comment for CVE-2019-19244Natanael Copa3 months
3.9-stablecommunity/zabbix: upgrade to 4.0.27Leonardo Arena4 weeks
mastertesting/lxd: upgrade to 4.10Francesco Colista82 min.