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@@ -32,8 +32,7 @@ be handled in an upcoming TSC meeting.
The TSC convenes every second week to handle the [open
issues](https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/tsc/-/issues). Each meeting is
scheduled to last 45 minutes and takes place via a video conferencing system.
-The starting time of sequential meetings alternates between Monday at 16:00 and
-Thursday 15:15 UTC. The meetings are not recorded.
+The meetings are not recorded.
Between the meetings, the members are encouraged to comment the open issues in
GitLab, especially the issues that are on the agenda of the next meeting. In
@@ -41,23 +40,16 @@ this way, the meeting time can be used more effectively.
### Officials and Minutes
-Each meeting has two officials: the *Chair* and the *Scribe*.
-The selection of the officials is based on weekday-specific schedules. These
-schedules are based on the round-robin method, where the ordering is based on
-the names of the participating members. Each TSC member participates in at
-least one weekday-specific schedule, depending on his availability.
-The Scribe of the meeting is selected according to the weekday-specific
-schedule. The Chair of the meeting shall be the member who was to act as the
-Scribe in the previous meeting held on the same weekday according to the
-schedule. When unable to carry out the duties, a selected official shall
-arrange another TSC member as his substitute. If neither the selected official
-nor his substitute shows up, the TSC elects a substitute.
+Each meeting has two officials: the *Chair* and the *Scribe*. Each TSC member
+acts in both roles in an alphabetical round-robin fashion. The Scribe shall
+become the Chair of the next meeting. If the Chair or the Scribe does not show
+up at the meeting, the TSC elects substitutes as needed.
The responsibilities of the Chair include:
* prioritizing and tagging the open issues before the meeting
+* scheduling the meeting such that the time is suitable for himself, the
+ Scribe, and most of the members
* sending out a meeting invitation to the other members by e-mail at least 7
days prior to the meeting
* chairing the meeting
@@ -87,10 +79,10 @@ the appointed members must be present in order to make any decision. Naturally,
the meeting can be held without a quorum to discuss open issues, but any
decision must be postponed to the next meeting.
+When unable to attend a meeting due to an exceptional schedule or unforeseen
+circumstances, a member is expected to notify the Chair as soon as possible.
If the Chair knows in advance that there will be no quorum, he is expected to
-cancel the meeting by e-mail. When unable to attend a meeting due to an
-exceptional schedule, a member is expected to notify the Chair at least 3 days
-in advance.
+postpone the meeting by 2 weeks.
When making decisions, the TSC attempts to achieve a consensus by thoroughly
discussing the matter. If no consensus can be reached, the Chair organizes a